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Macomb County Window Shutters

Window Shutters in Macomb County Michigan

For a homey feel with the look classic wooden accents you can choose from our selection of window shutters to make any room feel cozy. These indoor shutters add an extra design element to the room with the ability to let in a lot of light or no light at all.

Exterior Shutters

To give the facade of your home a special touch you can add exterior window shutters that are both functional and decorative. Outdoor shutters come in any color you can think of so you can accurately match the color palate of any building.

When choosing the perfect shutters for the outside of your windows keep in mind that you can customize the shape of the shutters for a unique addition.

Interior Shutters

To add depth and class to any room of your home you might consider having indoor shutters for your larger windows. Interior window shutters offer a different approach to light allowance and control and the thicker materials can have more effect on temperature control.

Interior shutters are most commonly made from wood but some newer versions are made from poly blends for more robust sustainability. Interior shutters are made both vertical and horizontal so you can choose exactly the type that will compliment your decor the best.

For larger windows and doors choose from our selection of vertical blinds and don’t forget to add that extra special touch to any room with high quality drapery options from Vertical Vic’s in Macomb County Michigan.